New feature
3 months ago

Import/ Export feature in results screen

We have introduced the Import/Export data feature to the Results screen, facilitating seamless data transfer for enhanced user convenience. Users can download responses from a survey and you an import these data into another similar survey.

Import/ Export results from response screen


3 months ago

Revamped Builder screen, Survey taking screen and Analytics screen

Survey builder improvements -

We have simplified the survey building processes with improved CTAs guiding you through quicker survey creation from our survey builder screen.

Survey builder

 Survey taking screen improvements - 

We have introduced a progress bar to our classic survey view and customizable avatars for both Creator and Respondent in our conversational surveys, ensuring a personalized and interactive journey.  

Classic view progress bar 



Conversational views avatars


Survey analytics screen improvements

We have improved our analytics screen with enhanced visualizations and streamlined navigation. Accessing and interpreting your data has never been easier, empowering you to extract maximum value effortlessly.

Analytics screen improved visualizations


Analytics screen improved navigation


Analytics screen improved overview insights


New feature
6 months ago

Drop Off Analytics

Introduced in the Analytics Screen to gain a clearer understanding of where and why respondents are leaving your surveys, allowing you to improve engagement and completion rates.

Drop Off Analytics to improve engagement and completion rates


6 months ago

Contact Component

Our new contact component supports a multitude of location data, including country, state, city, and even custom dropdowns for complex data collections. 

Contact Component with custom dropdowns


Location Data


New feature
6 months ago

Group By Analytics

Visualize data more effectively by grouping responses according to specified criteria, making it easier to identify trends and patterns. 

Apply Group By Option to your to gain better insights


Group by charts data



Group By table data